Discshot. Your basic bot

DiscShot is one of the best discord bots to provide your server with basic help.
This is why we created DiscShot, We want to help the community grow and continue to strive!

About Us

Now lets talk about DiscShot and the rest of what we do. DiscShot is one of the most succeeding bot on discord in over 80 servers. Now you might think thats nothing compared to Dyno or Rythm. Well those bots hurried to grow themselves (No Offense). DiscShot is run by the most professional team and we strive to help your server grow with basic needs.

Well of course, a business is considered a business for a reason. We do offer free support, but however we are in a hurry to add certain commands and/or features of a Advanced Discord bot. We will most likely advance to more things in the near future, but however for the beginning of our business, we have decided to stick with the topic of simply just Discord Moderation and Fun.


Our motivation overrides all.

Here at DiscShot our motivation is Dyno. Yes the discord bot known as Dyno. BUT NOT ONLY Dyno. Micheal's main insipiration in scripting is Jacob.#0001, he made me look how much discord bots are important and I took a big step forward to start creating bots. And here we are now, jacob is a 17yo bot developer which his main bot is Vibez.